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In this section you will find the best cover songs done by our official and unofficial rising artist all over from the world.

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In this section you will find the best Bollywood & International DJ | Remix Songs made by the talent DJ's & Music Producer.

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In this section you will get to learn the music production mixing and mastering tips by Swapnil Rockers & Experts.

Who We Are:- Cover Songs Promoter


Beatsofdj is the online platform for the musical artist, who has the talent of music such as Singing, Composing, Music Producing, Remixing even writing a Lyrics etc. here we produce and promote the songs especially cover songs. we have a team of 4 artists: Swapnil Rocker (Music Composer | Producer), Prashant Ambhore (Singer), Shrikant Wagh(Singer), Swapnil Jadhav(Singer). they keep working on music from their busy schedule and entertain their fans, followers, and audience. they are separate by the profession but united by music. our aim is to promote the rising talent who have not getting the platform to showcase their musical talent, we are always welcome to a keen and passionate artist to collaborate and spread the peace & love through music.


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Meet Our Artist

Meet Our Official Artist Who Always Work By Heart. They are Separated By Profession But United by Music.
Swapnil Rocker

Swapnil Rocker

Music Composer | Producer

He is a Digital Marketing Engineer by profession. but due to passionate about music from the schooldays, developed the skill of music production, composing his own tunes and lyrics too.

Prashant Ambhore

Prashant Ambhore


He is a Doctor by profession from Nasik city. singing is inherited from his parents. besides singing, he is an excellent pianist, drum player, and lyricist too.

Shrikant Wagh

Shrikant Wagh


He is an Automation Engineer by the profession but having Keen interest in music from the college days, he developed his singing talent on his own. continues his journey on the path of music.

Swapnil Jadhav

Swapnil Jadhav


He is an Automation Engineer by profession from Nasik city but having a some sort of artistic talent from his school and college days, besides this he is a great dancer too.

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