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Free Music Promotion:-

Hey Dude, hope you are doing a great music…! but are you confuse or looking for how to promote your music online? free music promotion services online.

Artist like you who are dedicated to music fully working harder day and night to make that chart buster song, but after making that awesome tune, sometimes you find difficulty to promote your music to the mass of music lover audience. Right?

Don’t Worry…! we Beats Of DJ – provide a online free music promotion¬†service for artist like you…oh I think that sounds cool..uh…!

How Do I Promote My Music ?

Every beginner or bedroom producers having this question in their mind. musicians like you search for this try various free music promotion platforms like soundcloud, mixcloud, youtube etc and do music self promotion.

But didn’t get success easily to reach out your music to your audience. by this you felt depressed & stressed & likely to quite music.

Self music promotion is best way But it will take much more time but if you choose any music promotion service online like ours then you will get the result more quickly

And most important thing is you can focus on music rather than marketing your music.

Channels For Free Music Promotion?

Their are various medium or channels available online who provide hosting your free & promotion too. but with limited features you need to purchase the pro premium membership to access all features.

Sources Like YouTube, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Viemo, Social Media Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, G+ & many more.

Social Media Facebook | Youtube |Twitter | Instagram Music Promotion

You know the power of social media now-days, huge amount of like minded audience is available online and in such case if you use facebook for your music promotion in a right way then it will be beneficial.

Other social channels like instagram, twitter & most important music promotion on YouTube are key tools to your success.

Beats Of DJ –¬† Free Music Promotion Online Platform For Artist

Beats of DJ is platform for the artist like you who are struggling to promoting & marketing your music online for free.

What Type Of Music Promotion Beats Of DJ Do?

We promote everything that is totally musical. have a look on below list

  1. Bollywood Cover Songs
  2. International Cover Songs.
  3. Original Compositions.
  4. Lyrics.
  5. DJ | Remix Songs
  6. EDM – Originals
  7. EDM – Remix | Bootlegs
  8. Regional Songs In Marathi | Hindi |Gujarati | Bengali | Tamil

Online Platforms Your Music Promoted

We will promote your songs & music for free on our website with other parent channels like:-

  1. Facebook
  2. G+
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram
  5. Pinterest
  6. Tumbler
  7. YouTube (If you have your own video) i.e free video promotion.
  8. Soundcloud
  9. Whatsapp
  10. E-mail

Artist Promotion

We also do the free Artist Promotion along with your music, we promote your artist profile on various social media platforms. if you want we will also help you to setup your professional facebook artist page, YouTube Channel, Instagram & Twitter profile.

Paid Music Promotion

If you have some budget for paid advertising & want to get your music on online music store like SAAVN, Amazon Music, Itunes & many more. we will do that too for your cover songs & originals.

Hope you have understand about online music marketing & want to do a free music promotion of your songs, then just simply contact us.

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