The Friendship Song

The Friendship Song (Happy Friendship Day Aaj)- Shrikant Wagh & Swapnil Rocker

The Friendship Song

The Friendship Song (Happy Friendship Day Aaj) is new composition by the Swapnil Rocker. On the occasion of the Friendship Day of 2017. he released his first composition “Friends Forever” in 2015 which is sung by Prashant Ambhore .Now this is the 6th original released by him with collaboration with his friend Shrikant , the song is sung by the Shrikant Wagh whereas the lyrics are penned by the Swapnil and Shrikant both . the song is dedicated to all friends. You can download the mp3 of the song at the end of this post, Enjoy the music and lyrics of the song.

Song Details:- 

Title:- The Friendship Day Song (Happy Friendship Day Aaj)

Music:- Swapnil Rocker

Singer:- Shrikant Wagh (Tiger)

Lyrics:- Swapnil and Shrikant.

The Friendship Song Watch Now:-


The Friendship Song Lyrics:-

Muskurata Hu Mein,

Jab Wo Pal Yaad Aaate Hain…

Yaaron Ke Sang Beetayein,

Lamhe Yaad Aate Hain…

Miss Karta Hu Main,

Yaaron Ke Yaari Ko,

Un Lamho, Un Baato, Un Yaado Ko…

Kal Jo Hum The Saath Saath,

Hoti Thi Mulakaat…(2)

Kis Duniya Mein Kho Gaye,

Kuch Hoti Nahi Baat…(2)

Kaise Bayaan Karu,

Dosti Ka Ye Raaz…

Wish Karta Hu Sabko,

Happy Friendship Day Aaj..(2)


The Friendship Song Download Mp3:-

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