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How To Use Multi-band Compression In Mix & Mastering The Song

How To Use Multiband Compression: – In the last article, we learn about how to use a compressor in the mix or mastering a song, now we come to know its basic function and how it affect the audio signal to maintain its dynamic range. before proceeding to multiband compression section I highly recommend you to check basic compression article here, How to use a compressor.

Now in this article, we will learn about how to use the multiband compressor in the mix or mastering the song. the 1st question can come to mind that what is need of multiband audio compressor if we have already single band compressor? so here is the difference between both, let see.

Single Band Compressor: –

In single band compressor, the overall audio signal is processed to maintain the dynamic range of the audio signal. this can be useful while mixing the single instrument such as kick, snare, synths etc because here the signal has it’s only one frequency property so it can easily be used to maintain its dynamic range.


Multiband Compressor: –

The Same concept of the single band compression is applied here only the major difference is that we can split the audio signal into frequency bands and then apply compression over it. this is very helpful while mastering a song, usually, i always prefer the multiband compression while mastering rather than using single band compression. this makes easy to split the frequency bands such as low, mid and high and then apply compression this gives the perfection to which frequency we need to compress and which not and achieve the desired output.every band has its separate threshold, ratio, pre gain, post gain, attack, release knobs so it makes easier to work on each band accurately. below shown figure shows the detail explanation of each knob on multi-band compression.

multiband compression
multiband compression by

Frequency Bands On Multiband Compression:- 

Low: – This is the range between 20Hz-100Hz

Mid: –This is the range between 100Hz-5khz.

High: –This is the range between 5Khz-16Khz.

Above are the frequency range which you can split and apply the compression over it, the range can be adjustable but I show which I mostly start from this range.

Compression Graph:-

compression graph

Above fig. shows the how audio signal is affected to a particular threshold, this gives the idea that where and on how much amount of compression is a needed. so apply according to requirement.

Important Note: – Compression can be destructive if you can not use it carefully because overcompress sounds too loud and distorted which are not a desired required output. while using compression to audio signal keep in mind that it should not sound distorted.

Before Use Of Compressor Be Sure to Have This In Your Home Music Studio:-

1-Must Have Good Headphones or Monitors.

1-LISTEN!! Open up your ears and listen precisely to every one of the subtleties of the sound.

2-Ensure you’re Listening at a comfortable level; not too loud and not too soft. Make You Laptop or PC Volume level in between 50-75 %.

Hope You Understand the concept of how to use multiband compression in mixing and mastering the song, keep practicing so you can understand the concept clearly and practically. Kepp making good mixes, Best Luck.

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Thank You.


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